Saturday, May 14, 2011


At 06:30 this morning, we left for Quepos, about 32 miles from Herradura. After anchoring, we were asked to move to a more secure spot (N09°25.611' W084°10.322') where the Marina Pez Vela staff could keep an eye on our boat. This was a very rolly anchorage, even with flopper stoppers out.

We needed to go to town but discovered it would cost $25 (okay, not as bad as $50 but still exorbitant) to tie up our dinghy at the marina dock. We of course refused to pay that much money so...Jordan found a close spot for free - a government wharf with security. The staff was a little hesitant to let us through the locked gates but after speaking nicely with them and saying we would only be a couple of hours they let us bypass. But upon returning, there had been a change of staff! He did not want to let us through the locked gate to get back to our dinghy but Jordan explained our situation in very good Spanish. He then checked our grocery bags and let us pass. Whew! Can't say they don't have good security around here.

Very steep incline - we felt as if we were on a roller coaster

Quepos the town is your typical Costa Rican town with most amenities. The beach we did not go to. But we would not recommend this place as a cruiser stop because of the difficulty or price involved to get into town and because of the excessive rolly anchorage.

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