Monday, May 09, 2011

Land of monkeys and parrots

Yesterday we walked along a trail of Costa Rica that leads out to the point and part way along the beach, seeing and hearing several parrots as they flitted among the trees. We also spotted the howler monkeys that we had been hearing from the boat.

Monkey business

They were very quiet as we passed below them but when a couple of other cruisers were walking their dog earlier, the monkeys were really making a ruckus.

We took the following photo of several dwellings that, in our opinion, did not look very habitable. Jordan described them as being only slighter better than forts that he built as a kid. But we were surprised to see a truck, car, or motorcycle parked alongside many of them when we walked behind these same dwellings!

Local habitations

Today we walked down the beach in the other direction to the Village of Tambor. It had the typical places - restaurants and small hardware, grocery, and clothing stores.

Another cruiser that we know, SV Comfort Zone II, pulled in today too. As they had not yet cleared into Costa Rica and didn't want to leave their boat, they invited us and Larry and Lena from MV Hobo over for a visit in the evening.

While we were visiting, the clouds about us were waxing. When we heard a few drops, we all made a dash back to our boats to batten down the hatches because when it lets loose here, it can be an instant deluge. And that it did. We just made it before the heavens opened up for a much needed freshwater wash of Sea Turtle's decks, rigging, and gear to rid it of weeks of salt and grime build-up. And glad to report, we found no leaks!

It is the rainy season but until now we haven't had any rain. It poured buckets for about an hour, but the lightning show was unbelievably spectacular. The skies were constantly lit up by the non-stop lightning flashes all around. Jordan timed it and could barely count past 1 second before there would be another bolt.

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