Monday, November 16, 2015

Anchorages and routes

We have finally re-entered all of Sea Turtle's anchorages and routes travelled since 2009. The anchorages had originally been done with a company whose system crashed and almost all of our anchorages were gone. Luckily, we had kept a copy of our information! Our anchorages, and also our routes, have now been entered with the program Google Earth. Do NOT use for navigation!!

You must have Google Earth - a free program - installed on your computer to view. When you click the word HERE (or as shown at the right side of this page under Sea Turtle Links), you will be directed to a page that asks you to "Download" (as usual with web pages) or "Save to my Dropbox". Simply click download. Then you will be asked to save the link. No problem. Simply save it wherever you want and open.

So download and save. That's it, easy.

The link takes you to a copy of our Google Earth page where we add or delete stuff, instead of just the globe. If you make any changes, additions, or deletions to the file by accident or on purpose, your changes will NOT save to our linked file. When you close Google Earth, you have the choice to "discard" or "save".

Discarding will remove the copied file from your computer's Google Earth but will NOT remove Google Earth from your computer. Saving will save the file (and any changes you have made to the file) to your computer, not to our link.

So don't worry about moving any anchorages, etc. by mistake. It won't change our original linked file. You can simply close (discard) the file and re-open it from the link on the right where it says "Click HERE..." if you mess it up!

Have fun with Google Earth. Zoom in and visit the places we have been to. You can see the sandy beaches, marinas, anchorages, cities, etc. and share our dream...