Saturday, August 29, 2009

VA7 YYJ calling...

Jordan did such a great job of installing all the radios (Ham, SSB, and yes - stereo too!) We tested the Ham radio at our previous moorage and everything was working great. Then we moved to Westbay Marina, moved all our stuff onboard, and could no longer receive or transmit anything on the Ham!

So this morning, we motored out a couple of miles, and thank goodness, everything worked. It seems there is just too much interference at Westbay for us. When we contacted the Great Northern Boater's Net, we were being heard loud and clear in Neah Bay, Port Townsend, and even Alaska (all of USA). I was afraid that I had put too much stuff on top of all that copper strapping and was going to have to get rid of a bunch of things.

So for everyone with a Ham, Jordan's call sign is VA7 YYJ (yes, for the Victoria airport) and my call sign is VA7 TAC (you know, like in tacking a boat). Hope to hear from you once we begin our journey.

It was very exciting hearing everyone presently at Neah Bay as they were about to begin their journeys. Made us want to leave right away!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We did it!

We did it! As our friends on SV Jabula say:
...shaking off your landlubber status to become pollywogging, soggy bottomed, rum swigging water babies.
We finally finished moving onboard and spent our first official night as live-a-boards on Tuesday, August 4th, celebrating with a toast of Painted Turtle red wine. We've been in a state of upheaval for the last two weeks but most things have now been put away somewhere.

We are moored at Westbay Marina until we head offshore mid-September. Dreams do come true! We are hoping to have our "open boat" Sunday, September 13th.

Sea Turtle patiently waiting to leave

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Almost done

Latest projects done on Sea Turtle, our future travelling "home":
  • Finally figured out the continual engine problem. Perkins manufactured a new replacement part that solved the oil pressure drop that, unfortunately, dealers and mechanics were not aware of. Luckily, Jordan accidentally discovered the existence of this new part or else he would still be trying to solve the problem!
  • All ceilings redone - all being vinyl except the salon, which Jordan made as traditional V-joint between beams (so much better than carpet ceilings!)
  • Installed teak and holly sole in pullman, salon, and stateroom.
  • Installed tile and Corion countertops in galley and head.
  • Refinished and installed salon table and built stateroom bedside table.
  • Created galley cupboards with front panels cut from the discarded window of a boat called Marlin II of Seattle - the glass etched sailboats in it are beautiful. I guess all these creative ideas come from Jordan's artistic side!
Sea Turtle has gone from having floors, walls, and ceilings being covered in shag rug to the present condition. Much hard work, but definitely worth it!

Few items left to do:
  • Varnishing of most teak walls and cupboards.
  • Attaching net to lifelines to prevent items from falling overboard.
  • Making and attaching "granny bars" by mast to provide support when handling sails.
  • Painting the blue sections of the deck with tan paint and rebuilding the dilapidated bowsprit.