Saturday, April 30, 2011


As we left San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua) yesterday, we were hoping for an overnight sail to Costa Rica. Be careful what you ask for! We started out that evening with one reef in the main and a small head sail (staysail). Soon after midnight, the wind really started to howl and seas became confused and we struggled to put another reef in the main and reduce the headsail, and we were still clipping along on a broad reach at 6 knots. But we did sail all the way!

We arrived at Bahias del Coco today at 09:45, setting the anchor in the windy bay (N10°33.606' W085°41.733'). We couldn't check in as the Port Captain's office was closed till Monday.

Once again, we found the beach to be such a fine silty black, like a muddy mixture. It left your feet feeling very dusty and dirty, even worse than at San Juan del Sur. And even though the anchorage is so very windy, our dinghy landings and exits have been dry. It seems that early each morning, there is no wind but it pipes up soon afterward for the rest of the day and evening.

We stopped at a local establishment for refreshments as it was so very hot out. All of a sudden, a fine mist was falling upon us! Overhead were pipes that had been turned on and were secreting a fine mist - what a great way to cool down!

After a golden orange sunset, we showered, made a light dinner, and with a glass of wine played some Polynesian music that SV AKA had given us to end our day.

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