Monday, August 11, 2008

More work done

We have Sea Turtle on the hard at The Boat Yard in Sidney. So far, we have given the lower hull one coat of paint. Jordan is polishing the upper hull and has installed our swim ladder on the transom for those lazy days of swimming in the tropics... and our boat now has her name which we think turned out great (thanks to AlleyKat Signs!)

New name on port and starboard...

...and stern too

The wind generator and the RVG still need to be attached to the transom and it also needs some paint touch-ups.

Jordan has also drilled more thru-hulls (1 for the watermaker intake, 1 for the holding tank, and 1 for the Frigoboat refrigerator) hurts to drill holes below the waterline!

Jordan has noticed for some time that the oil pressure is not quite right. After starting the engine, it takes about 5 minutes before the pressure comes up to normal. Rob Cross, a fellow BCA member and sailor, managed to solve this mysterious problem and everything is now running perfect. Rob has also talked at a few Fleet evenings discussing diesel engines (great man to run across when sailing and having engine problems!)

Unexpected work that is being done: we discovered that we needed a new prop shaft so we are waiting for it to be made at half the price of a new one. Once the shaft (and propeller) are put back into the boat, we can go back in the water where the rigging will be fine-tuned and the boom will be put back onto the mast. And I can get back to painting all the impossible to get into cubbyholes, drawers, closets, inside hull, cupboards, etc. etc.

Right now, Coyote Canvas is sewing our new dodger - then the current full enclosure over the cockpit will be removed. For protection from the hot sun, we will put up a bimini that we can remove during heavy winds.

And our new countertops have been ordered. Things are looking up!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Not a good weekend

We've had a lot of mishaps lately. Jordan had a trip to the hospital when he tried to slice off his finger with an Exacto knife. Then a mixed-up container of fibreglassing goo was dropped from the cockpit down to the galley. When it landed, it splashed everywhere! It is very slimy, sticky, and disgusting stuff. What a mess.

Then Jordan slipped in the bilge and sliced his calf open. So rather than another trip to the hospital, we headed off to the store to buy some Crazy Glue to glue his wound back together. It works very well!

Then while painting in tight quarters, I laid in some wet paint and Jordan had to cut off a lot of my hair. Hopefully today will be a better day than the weekend was!

Prematurely white