Thursday, December 01, 2005

The dream

We became the proud owners of our sailboat on November 25, 2005 and have named her Sea Turtle IV. This was the first step in fulfilling Jordan's dream of one day sailing around the world.

Sea Turtle IV

Twenty years earlier, Jordan had an epiphany. While he was sailing around in the Virgin Islands, he saw a small boat from Victoria BC. He met the couple on board and upon hearing how they had left for a 2-year sail to the South Pacific but were then on their 12th year and had circumnavigated 1.5 times around the world with no plans to stop, he immediately visualized that he too would do the same. So the dream began. After meeting Jordan and hearing of this dream, it also became mine.

History: Sea Turtle IV, an Endurance 35, was built in 1977 in Richmond BC by the DeKleer Bros. Industries Ltd. The Endurance was an award winning design that came out of a international competition for the best design for an offshore cruising boat. Ibold, a French naval architect, won with the Endurance.

From records, previous names of our new Sea Turtle have been Saela and Falcon C. Powered by a Perkins 50 diesel, she's classified as a Bermuda cutter with a centre cockpit, made of fiberglass, and is 35 feet (10.5 metres) long on deck.