Monday, July 07, 2008

Wiring joys

We've been very busy completely re-wiring and painting during the last month. Jordan has been installing, lining up, and labelling all the wires. Some of these wires go into very difficult places to access.

Pretty nice abs!!

That's the watermaker by Jordan's knee. It's going to be the next item to be installed (in the freshly painted closet). Shortly after this picture was taken, we were boarded by fellow sailors Bruce and Jeannie of SV Jabula and took a much needed wine break! (SV = Sailing Vessel)

Jordan has been running many wires neatly along the ceiling which will be hidden in the future. No more mess as it was when we purchased Sea Turtle!

Excellent job

Jim Temple of Victoria Marine Electric has been helping out a bit and doing inspections to make sure that everything is in order. This is Jordan's first wiring job after studying several books. He wanted to do it himself so that he would be able to fix any problems when we are miles away from help.

Jordan and Jim

PS. Note the great accessibility of the engine compartment on Sea Turtle!