Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bahia Guacamaya

We departed Bahias del Coco of Costa Rica this morning at 09:15. Even though we felt frustrated checking into Bahias del Coco, it is a very cute town full of small eateries, souvenir shops, and the typical open-air roadside vendors in front of their shops. We found most, but not all, places to be a little on the expensive side. But we wanted a beach with nicer sand and less wind!! So we chose a protected bay only a couple of hours away.

We had a great sail and arrived at the tiny bay of Bahia Guacamaya (N10°31.334' W085°47.439') which we had all to ourselves except for a fishing panga that arrived later in the afternoon (and the 4 fishermen rested and slept through most the night before leaving in the wee hours of the morn).

Immediately upon arrival, we jumped in the water to cool off and snorkelled a reef. We saw a lot of multi-coloured fish, a few schools, an eel, and Jordan spotted a small octopus but by the time I turned around it was gone. We also saw a bit of bright orange coral! We then swam to the shore of beautiful striated sand and walked several feet over to another reef area which we also explored. We swam back to Sea Turtle as wrinkled as 2 old prunes after 2 hours in the water!

The sun is very hot and intense here. We were both tired and hit the sack early after a great day.

PS We took a lot of photos but I forgot to replace the card in the waterproof camera - so no underwater photos!!

2 horses we saw on the beach from Sea Turtle

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