Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lots of tourists

We made an easy dinghy landing on shore today. The white sand beach here is finally what we were expecting to see in Costa Rica (but not as brilliant white as at Isla Coronado in Mexico!)

Many boats were coming all morning with hordes of tourists to visit here as some consider this to be the nicest beach in all of Costa Rica. Plus Isla Tolinga is also very close to the mainland at less than 1 mile offshore. The beach is open to the public but the rest of the island is privately owned. Tours available included horseback riding, snorkelling at nearby Turtle Rock, panga ride around the island, plus rental of beach chairs and/or umbrellas, kayaks, etc.

Jordan in front of a very large tree

We walked the half-mile long palm fringed beach then had a fun swim in the warm ocean. Our plans were to next snorkel by Turtle Rock but as clouds were rolling in, lightning was visible, and with the sound of thunder, we went back to Sea Turtle to relax instead. It never did rain but we felt it was not safe to snorkel.

MV Hobo also anchored here today and later that afternoon we had them over for home-made margaritas.

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