Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gunkholing in Golfito

It's finally time to leave Golfito and Costa Rica behind. Unfortunately, I don't have too many good memories of Costa Rica because of so many dirty grey sand beaches, many very difficult beach landings, outrageous prices for dinghy landing - obviously not wanting your business in town, I guess.

Then to top it all off, a couple of days after arriving in Golfito I became ill. Very ill. And I just couldn't shake it, try as I might. Jordan finally took me to the hospital (as that is where the doctors are - you cannot make a doctor appointment). They kept me in for 2 hours for "observation" and then had the gall to charge us US$1,200. They had decided that I had an infection, and for some reason, decided I must be in pain. So they gave me 3 prescriptions and said to take all the pills.

I started to take them and shortly thereafter started to vomit. After several days of no food and still vomitting, Jordan researched what drugs I was taking. They had given me 2 prescriptions for pain relief and 1 prescription for an antibiotic!! I immediately threw the remaining pain relief drugs in the garbage.

A few days later, I started to feel marginally better without the need to vomit. Still waiting for my appetite to return to normal. Things just seem to taste weird. So that's my story for the last 10 days.

Jordan has been kept pretty busy. One morning, he changed the oil and filters. Very messy job. Another day he went to the Duty Free Zone to register as in order to shop there, you must register a day in advance. A few days later, he convinced me to go with him to shop so I agreed. But I pretty much sat in every available chair I could find.

Most of the cruisers anchor out in front of Land Sea, Tim and Katie's facility, and hang out there. It`s a dock and clubhouse, book exchange, and generally a friendly watering hole for the boaters. Most transient boaters over the years that stop here have painted their names and boat on the wall. We recognized a few of our friend's paintings. It was hard to find a vacant place on the wall but Jordan was getting an area high up ready so he could start painting our boat there. But he did not see the spinning rusty edged metal ceiling fan and WHAM! Big cut open on the top of his head. So guess what he did! He shaved his head bald so the wound could properly be cleaned and taken care.

Still my handsome sweetie

But back to the painting, he did finish his picture and, of course, I think it turned out great.

Sea Turtle to be seen by future cruisers

Next stop - PANAMA!

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