Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Islas Tortugas

12:15. Off to Islas Tortugas. A bit of breeze blowing. A nice easy sail. Three hours later we were just about to drop the anchor. Jordan had his 2 fishing lines reeled in with 1 just dragging in the water a few inches right beside the boat.  All of a sudden, a large Sierra leaped up and grabbed the lure. I turned Sea Turtle around and headed back out while Jordan attempted to land this delicious tasting fish. Success!

I turned around again and we dropped anchor at the northern point in between the 2 jungle-clad Islas Torgugas (N09°46.468' W084°53.680') called Isla Tolinga and Isla Alcatraz. What a beautiful setting!

There was a brief rain shower around 02:00 in the morning but not enough to get anything wet.

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