Monday, January 03, 2011

La Paz errands

We passed this yacht transporter on the way into La Paz Harbour of Mexico...

So you think your boat is big!

Monday, December 27th, we spent running around trying to accomplish what we need to get done here, but almost everywhere we went, we ran into "Cerrado", meaning Closed, and usually until the 3rd of January. Seems many are away for the holidays or closed for inventory. But at least Jordan was able to meet up with the same welder that he used last time we were in La Paz (way back in January of 2010). Jordan fabricated an emergency tiller for Sea Turtle which the welder put together within the week.

The next day, we found a repair man for our old Mercury outboard which we will try to sell after it's been fixed. We are still trying to find a new impeller for the Evinrude outboard that we now have.

Charts, charts, and more charts. What do we still need for the next year or so? Another task to be taken care of before leaving La Paz. We borrowed charts from 2 other sailors (our thanks go out to AKA and Adios III) and had them photocopied so we are all set now for the next couple of years which should take us to New Zealand.

Our next destination of Isla Isabela is about 310 nautical miles from La Paz on the route that we have chosen, about 72 hours of non-stop sailing or motoring. We left La Paz at 17:30 with the engine running so we could make water to fill our tanks. We cleared out of the channel with all of its markers before night settled in.

The hazy broad band of the Milky Way was visible and the multitude of stars in the sky seemed extra bright as we noticed the trail of phosphorescence from the engine churning. Sea Turtle rolled in the steep sharp waves all night.

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