Thursday, January 06, 2011

Isla Isabela

We arrived at Isla Isabela (Mexico) at 02:45 and stood off the south end, adrift, waiting for dawn's light for a safe entry as there are rocks known to be in the bay. We kept an eye on our GPS headings until we anchored at 06:30 (N21°50.585' W105°52.939') among 5 other boats.

Sea Turtle at Isla Isabela

Isabela is a tiny island less than a mile long and is a National Wildlife Preserve. Jacques Cousteau even filmed here in the 1970s. You know you have arrived when you see all the birds flying overhead! We put the dinghy in the water and went to shore. There were several seasonal fishing huts that lined the beach edge and we watched as the fishermen brought in their huge catch.

Fish for sale

Then everywhere we walked along the zig zag trail were frigate birds, brown booby birds with lime-green feet, or yellow-footed booby birds. They were nesting on the ground and in the low trees that were just above head level.

2 boobies inquiring "Where'd you come from?"

As long as you stayed a few feet away they were undaunted to have you around...

Many had new adorable chicks with fluffy down feathers and we listened to the clickety clack of the frigate birds' beaks as they seemed to scold us.

Frigate with chick

The island was also abound with iguanas sunning themselves with whatever rock or piece of concrete they could find, and like the birds, seemed unafraid.

Getting a tan?

After taking hundreds of photos, we returned to Sea Turtle for a nap to make up for our sleep deprivation of the last 3 nights.

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