Sunday, December 26, 2010


Heading to shore in very shallow, clear waters

This morning we went ashore at Bahia San Gabriel (Mexico) to see if we could walk across to the other side of the island to check out Bahia Bonanza. But unfortunately, the sign on the beach said Bonanza was 8.6 km away and would take 4 hours to walk one way. As we couldn't spend 8 hours total, we only walked for about an hour to see the sights and then returned.

One lone red flower, but don't think the bush is dead - it's very alive!

On our way back to the boat we dinghied past a man-made breakwater, remnants of a long defunct Japanese cultured pearl venture. The only inhabitants visible now were a colony of frigate birds carrying on their mating ritual. We saw the males inflating their red gular pouch to attract a mate. They didn't seem too bothered to have us so near taking pictures, must have had other things on their minds?

Why are the males the attractive ones??

We pulled anchor and fished our way to La Paz catching a small mackerel then losing a brilliant green and blue 15-lb dorado (Mahi Mahi) after he put up a gallant fight. As soon as we entered La Paz harbour (N24°09.383' W110°19.731') at 18:00, Keetya I (sailors from Victoria BC), hailed us with a "Welcome Back". Later we went for an evening meal with them, exchanging stories and tall tales.


The Intrepid II Crew said...

Happy New Year! How long are you staying in La Paz? Perhaps we might see you if we can finally leave Guaymas next week. If you still have our email address could you send a quick message - can't seem to find yours and we want to stay in touch for sure!

caroltalkalatte said...

As we close out this year, there are changes that have occured in ALL of Our Lives ~ some/most are small unassuming things that we can easily deal with ~ others seem insurmountable, life changing & questionable for some ~ But realize this; We can choose how we handle, cope & deal with such tragities as Finance, Love & Loss of those who have impacted Our Lives ~ We can allow Ourselves to struggle "OR" we can Learn, Grow, Honor and Inspire ~ As we draw close to a New Year we can choose to Embrace it with Hope, Faith, Wonder & most of all "LOVE", as it's through these things we will grow and not become stagnant ~ From the very core of my being, I Wish You Strength & Love to abandon the "wrongs" in your Life and acknowledge "ALL" the rights!!!

It may take effort on Your part ~ but I ask, what do you have to lose, moreover, what do YOU have to GAIN!? We may have had to surrender & be lifted up by a Higher source ~ Our Father ~ keeping our hearts safe guarded but remembering to be open enough to Love one another !!

All My Love, Have A Blessed & Magical New Year!!!!!!!!!!

Carol <3<3<3

P.S. Let's always remember the importance of sharing Our Love!!!

P.S.S. We need to fly down there & see you guys ...<3<3<3