Saturday, January 15, 2011

La Cruz

Jordan got out the Hooka gear (diving apparatus) and dove Friday; thankfully, he was able to unwind all of yesterday's tangled fishing line pretty easily. After a lazy afternoon, we pulled anchor at 14:15 to head for La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, about 15 km from Punta de Mita.

We flew the spinnaker with only a whisper of wind. We set anchor (N20°44.855' W105°22.159') once again just as the golden sun was setting in perfectly calm seas at 17:30 on the 14th. Yeah, I know, almost 3 hours to go 15 km but it was a great way to spend an afternoon lazing in the sun, reading and watching the spinnaker fly.

Slow trip, minimal wind, but still sailing!

Early this morning after making some water, we went ashore to explore La Cruz and do some Skyping (making calls using our I-Touch "phone" with Skype). Then back at Sea Turtle, in Jordan's words:
...took in the dusk surroundings. The sun had just gone down leaving the sky a pinkish-orange at the horizon, fading to a pastel blue above, with the 3/4 moon above. I counted 43 sailboats that were now becoming silhouettes on a steely-silvery bay. They were all facing the setted sun and their masthead anchor lights were coming on. It reminded me of being at a rock band concert when the band had finished and left the stage. But the audience wouldn't leave, all looking at the stage, and throughout the crowd they were lighting their lighters, waiting for another song or 2 before it was finally over.
We must send our auto-pilot back to Seattle WA to be repaired before leaving La Cruz, here's hoping that it won't take too long...

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The Intrepid II Crew said...

Hola Judy and Jordan: We're in San Blas and had a great jungle tour yesterday too! So now we're just around the corner from you - perhaps we'll be in La Cruz within the week. Good luck with the speedy repair to the auto-pilot. Carol & Kelly