Monday, January 10, 2011

Crocs and avian

While in San Blas of beautiful Mexico, we met up with a few sailors that we already knew and also met some new friends - 6 of whom we joined to go on the infamous Jungle Cruise. This is a really cool panga (boat) trip through a varied landscape of incredible mangroves, reeds, marshes, and bamboo on our way to the crocodile refuge. We left at 08:00 while the morning mist was rising off the water...

Notice on panga edge: "Welcome, the tip depend of a good service"

There were so many beautiful exotic birds such as this multi-coloured one and the striking white egrets...

The many turtles, iguanas, and crocs were soaking up the heat of the sun's rays and some posed for us only a few feet away....

Our panga operator travelled slowly, pointing out the numerous species that our group did not first see. Upon arriving at the crocodile refuge, we were surprised to discover numerous other animals there too such as raccoons, white-tailed deer, exotic birds, tilapia fish, and even a beautiful jaguar. (We also heard the frightening roaring sound of a jaguar out in the surrounding forest!)

2 crocodiles at the refuge

Such a magnificent creature...

After 4 hours of fabulous sights, we headed back to the dock. Travel with us now vicariously by way of the 36 second video below.


After that, we hitchhiked the couple of miles back to San Blas.

One evening, we wandered around the plaza of San Blas, seeing all of the vendors' wares. Of particular interest was the beadwork of the jewellery, masks, and assorted animal items created by the Huichol Indians who come from distant villages. Their exquisite beadwork is considered collectors' items in European and US art galleries.

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