Sunday, January 09, 2011

San Blas

We motored all night from Isla Isabela arriving at the entry to San Blas in the state of Nayarit Mexico (N21°32.634' W105°17.585') in the midst of a multitude of fishing pangas at 07:45 on January 8th. Crossing the shallow bar here is tricky so, using a copy of waypoints given to us, we crossed to the safety of the inner channel. As we had a few minor boat projects we wanted to do, we decided to stay at the dock, but on our approach to it, we touched a sandbar; we quickly reversed and were advised over the VHF a safe approach in.

After docking, from supplies we had brought from home, Jordan immediately put together some screens for our hatches and entry way to protect us from the evening no-see-ums, teeny tiny pesky bugs with a real bite. We then browsed through the Saturday morning market, bought lots of fresh produce at the corner store, and purchased fresh lobster for supper from a local vendor at a street stand.

Saturday market - What's over there??

Corner store - Do I want this or that?

We have found the landscape to be much greener on the mainland compared to the desert-like areas of the Baja. Here is a glorious sunset at the marina with all the gorgeous palm trees in the background...

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Kyra and Rick said...

Sounds so lovely! Glad you're loving the life!