Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Shell extravaganza

We left the group of Banda islands of Indonesia on November 1st and for the next 4 nights both motored and sailed. We had a bit of rain with thunder and lightning and a waning moon, only a sliver showing.

We saw an interesting sky scene while the sun was setting. Through the distant clouds, a vivid blue streak radiated across the sky not unlike a rainbow would. We had never seen this before and watched it until the sun set and it was gone.

A path in the sky leading us to tomorrow and beyond...

Jordan at the bowsprit

On November 5th, we made landfall. We found a suitable anchorage (S08°14.587' E123°19.568') just off the northeast side of Adunara Island and Kroko atoll. In spite of currents, we set the hook securely in sandy bottom with lots of sea grass and spotty coral around. It was a very delightful spot, right in front of a lonely sandspit and a couple of small islands.

Sea Turtle

A stroll on the sandspit yielded only a few small white sand dollars and the ubiquitous plastic garbage flotsam. We drift snorkelled a bit but there was not much to see so we decided to check out another nearby island and were quite thrilled when we found several very large pristine Cowrie shells and also a large gorgeous Conch shell!

Early morning sunrise

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