Friday, November 15, 2013

Divine diving

Today in Labuanbajo Indonesia, Jordan and I with family Aaron and Dee all boarded the dive boat (Komodo Dive) for a day of scuba diving. Right from Sea Turtle they picked us up, and at the end of the day dropped us off. The 3 dives were at different and diverse locations. As I am not yet a licensed diver, I snorkelled while everyone else went down exploring the depths.

Komodo Dive

The divers had a great day seeing things such as the usual array of tropical fish, Hawksbill turtles, ribbon and moray eels, giant cuttlefish as large as a rugby ball, black tip and white tip reef sharks, and BIG angel fish twice the size of your average dinner plate! They were also treated to the sight of scorpion fish, including a leaf scorpion which is very rare and hard to spot.

Jordan (with facial hair!)

I too had a great day snorkelling. On my first outing, a guide from the dive boat accompanied me as the current was very strong and I was a little leery to be on my own. A deep hole in the area has such strong current that if you go too deep into it, it can suck you down making it very difficult to swim back out of. The guide and I kept closer to shore where we would not cross over the hole and we could still feel the strong current.

On my 3 snorkelling adventures, I picked out 1 small Hawksville turtle, an unusual clam with lips that weren't the common blue or brown shades but instead were such a multiple colour I would call it a paisley pattern. It was very beautiful and I had never seen such before. I also saw a giant clam, with the usual brown shades of colour, but was so large it couldn't even close when I approached it! And of course the prodigious array of tropical fish with many new ones for my eyes.

After Komodo Dive dropped the 4 of us off at Sea Turtle, we showered off the saltwater and went ashore for a nice evening out. It was still very hot but we dressed to ward off the pesky bugs and mosquitoes!

Aaron, Dee, Judy, Jordan

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