Thursday, October 31, 2013

3 islands

It was time to move on. But on our departure from this archipelago, we wanted to hit Rhun Island about 10 nautical miles out. (Rhun is also shown on charts and signs as Run but is pronounced roon as in goon.) Our new friends, Joel and Anna, decided to sail with us the short distance to Rhun and take a local boat back to Banda Naira (Indonesia) as we would be continuing to other locations.

Friends excited to be aboard

A couple of hours later, we dropped anchor at a small island called Ai (S04°31.690' E129°45.870') where we drift snorkelled in the fast moving current.

We next motored to the nearby island of Rhun (S04°32.052' E129°41.739') where we again snorkelled. It was excellent snorkelling and we saw 2 turtles, giant Napoleon fish, 3 Spotted Eagle Rays, and fish galore. It was an encyclopedia of coral varieties.

After a great day, Joel and Anna headed back to Banda with a pre-arranged boat that came to pick them up before it got too dark out.

Taxi anyone??

Jordan and I re-anchored Sea Turtle to a more secure spot at Nailaka (S04°32.262' E129°41.490'). We dinghied ashore and walked around the very small island, and of course collected more Cowrie shells before the golden sun set over the Banda Sea. Another great day.

Sea Turtle anchored off Nailaka at left

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