Thursday, November 21, 2013

Departures and arrivals

Our visitors Aaron and Dee (Jordan's son and his wife) wanted 1 last snorkel before flying to other parts of Flores Island, Indonesia. So after booking their flights on the 19th, we quickly motored over to a nearby small island (S08°29.001' E119°50.399') only an hour away where we had been previously. It was a dreary day with rain and choppy seas. Snorkelling was not as good as the water was a bit murky this time because of the onslaught of rain.

We left the island early the next morning, returning to Labuanbajo, and said our temporary goodbyes as Aaron and Dee hopped on a bus for the airport. After touring around, they will meet us in Bali in 4 or 5 days.

Jordan and I tried to fill our propane tank but this was impossible in Labuanbajo. We should have enough in our other until we reach Bali where they should be able to be filled. We noticed a sailboat anchored off in the distance and we discovered that it was 1 we know - Merilelu. We arranged to meet them for dinner and caught up on stories.

Merilelu had travelled a different route through Indonesia than we had (they took the northern route and we took the southern route). Unfortunately they had encountered a lot of thunderstorms and non-stop rain and were rather discouraged with Indonesia. We have had pretty much constant hot sun until the last couple of days even though it is now the rainy season here.

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