Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saying goodbye

It was time to say a sad goodbye when Jordan and I dropped my daughter Lainey and her fiancé Tim at the Auckland Airport very early in the morning for their 05:50 flight to Australia where they would do another week of exploring before returning home to Canada.

We all had a fabulous time and Lainey and I had stayed up late every night reminiscing and sharing stories and cocktails as the 2 men retired earlier. During their stay, the weather had fully co-operated with not a drop of rain and only the occasional cloud. Tim had helped Jordan constantly with the handling of Sea Turtle and both asked lots of questions. We believe that we have 2 future sailors in a few years!

We miss the both of them and tears fall as I write this! (Lainey and Tim: we look forward to seeing you soon at your July wedding!)

Ciao for now...

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