Monday, February 25, 2013

Rocks and ice

Starting the 4th day of our motorcycle tour of New Zealand, we only travelled a kilometre down the road from Punakaiki to Pancake Rocks. Unusual layered strata and rock formations gave it that name and scientists today still cannot fathom how it came to be in layers.

A mystery of nature

Judy exploring the layered walkways

We followed the coast mostly that day along a winding road bordered by the superjacent mountains that spilled 2 glaciers - Franz Josef and Fox. We could not leave the motorcycle and its gear to explore either of these glaciers so we felt fortunate that we had previously gotten so close to a glacier with Sea Turtle when we were in Chile.

The grandeur of Franz Josef Glacier

We failed to purchase gas at the last service station and, being a very remote area, as the miles clicked by we were getting concerned as the low fuel light was flashing! So we made a stop at a fish farm who said they didn't have any gas, even though we saw quads and equipment in the yards. Then we stopped at a farm that had tractors, etc. but no one was home. Finally we saw a lodge on Lake Paringa who reluctantly sold us 10 L at an EXORBITANT price with an indifferent Take it or leave it.

We continued to ride along and enjoyed the scenery of snow-topped mountains that reached up into the clouds at our side...

Fabulous scenery

...and that night got us to the one horse village of Haast.

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