Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cool waters

This morning, Tim my daughter's fiancé, Jordan and I, and Lainey my daughter (as in the photo below) motored - as no wind - from Roberton Island in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand over to Urupukapuka Island where we visited 4 separate idyllic bays. At Urupukapuka Bay, we had a beach picnic lunch before going for a hike.

Smile everyone! (courtesy of Lainey)

After lunch, we did a 10-minute climb to the top of the lush green hill for a 360° view, had a gander at a flock of sheep as we walked by, and then continued down the other side to Otehei Bay where we found the small Waterfront Bar and Café. Lainey and Tim wanted to swim in the ocean so I braved the cool ocean water with them and went for a short swim in the deserted water. Jordan said No way and grabbed a quick nap under a shade tree - we've been too spoiled by the warm temperatures of the tropical oceans!

We hiked back to where we started, and using the onshore cold shower, showered off the saltwater before returning to Sea Turtle.

Tim enjoying the wait!

Lainey and Tim suntanned on deck while we motored to our third bay, the nearby Otiao - also known as Indico Bay - (S35°12.803' E174°13.474') where Jordan jumped in the water and cleaned the prop of barnacles which were slowing down Sea Turtle's movement. After a quick scrub, we moved to our last anchorage of the day at Paradise Bay (S35°13.087' E174°13.667') where we watched the skies as the sun majestically set.

Orange radiance of setting sun (courtesy of Tim)

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