Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Counting sheep

Have you ever counted sheep in your sleep? We have sure noticed a lot of sheep grazing in the fields in New Zealand where it is said that there are more sheep than people!

You lookin' at me?

We started heading back north on the South Island and made a short stop in cute Queenstown for a bite to eat. Para-gliders were jumping off the mountains around us under their colourful canopies. And we watched as a 100-year old coal-fired steamship filled with tourists billowed its black smoke around the lake. We motored to the top of a hill and looked down on the pretty valleys and waters.

Queenstown from above

On our more inland route through Cromwell and Twizel, we came upon the small town of Tarras. Have you ever heard of Shrek, a Marino type of sheep? We saw Shrek's photo in a Tarras café above a barrel of sheep wool.

Famous Shrek

Shrek escaped from his enclosure of South Island New Zealand and then hid in caves for 6 years, never being shorn of his wool during all that time. When he was discovered in 2004, he was carrying 60 pounds of fleece which was auctioned for charity.

Mammoth Shrek with his owner (copied from internet)

Shrek was fond of children and the elderly and became quite famous. He was the star of children's books and made celebrity appearances where he raised $150,000. Shrek died at age 16 of old age and circulatory problems.

We finally ended our day at the small service town of Fairlie...time to count sheep...

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