Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bigger and better

Bigger and better, you say? What is bigger and better? We have a new RIB, a rigid inflatable boat, ergo a dinghy with a hard bottom.

Our old dinghy definitely needed upgrading. Especially in wet rough weather as in New Zealand. The weather here has sucked big time lately. And it seems we have been wet non-stop in these waters in our old small dinghy. So we got a new one with bigger pontoons, hence we are higher out of the water. And its nose points up out of the water, so we can plane better and stay much drier.

Next, we had to make new chaps for this purchase. With the use of a friend's shop, Jordan created the pattern (a very difficult job, I think) and I spent the next 3 days sewing it, using material that the new dinghy had been packed in. Jordan also created a step at the nose of the dinghy as it has a V-shaped floor and this now makes for a much better step-in. All in all, we think it turned out pretty good!

Good team work!

But now, this bigger and better dinghy needs a bigger and better outboard. Is bigger better? Never mind, now a bigger and better outboard is on order...what next?

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