Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What next

In the heat of the day at Papua (Indonesia), we dinghied over to another white sandy beach that was this time quite a bit farther from Sea Turtle. The sand was also very fine, just like flour again. But this time, not as many shells. The hermit crabs were residing in all of the nice ones! We watched as they scampered all over the place and clusters would have minor battles trying to take over each other's shells. Teeny tiny ones and fairly large ones were spotted.

It was so hot out earlier that both of us got a bit of sunburn. We headed back to Sea Turtle when the clouds started to spit a bit. When we arrived, the birds were singing their merry songs and fish were jumping like crazy.

Jordan wanted to scrape a few gooseneck barnacles off of Sea Turtle as I cleaned our collection of shells. He began working at it from the dinghy but decided to get right into the water, forgetting that he untied the dinghy. Half an hour later, he excitedly hailed me and said we had to quickly raise the anchor and chase after our dinghy that had drifted out into the bay!! We could still see it off in the distance so it was a successful venture.

We decided to fill our water jug with water from the waterfalls. The large fall was too overwhelming and forceful so we chose a much smaller 1 but even it gave us a thorough dousing as we simply pulled up the dinghy and let it pour in. The dinghy quickly became a bathtub that we used to get everything rinsed off from being salty. After being in the ocean, we next followed with a chilly invigorating scrub by another smaller waterfall.


The sunset was incredible with the different formations of clouds in the sky and a haze of flying bats in the distance...

The next day, we saw a turtle in the bay and then went snorkelling. There was an amazing variety of different corals, many that we've never seen before. The fish were very colourful in their patterns and we saw the largest angel fish.

We pulled anchor at 12:30 on the 23rd beneath a short but refreshing spell of rain. This had been an enjoyable anchorage with new discoveries.

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