Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday's events

When we wake in the morning, we never know what to expect. Early this morning, we were surprised to see 2 fancy longboats with a horde of paddlers coming close by us where Sea Turtle was moored in Banda Naira of Indonesia. We soon determined that they were participants in a race that soon ensued.

Ready to go

Once the excitement was ended, we moseyed over to the market/fish market where we learned that a large hammerhead shark had been landed yesterday and sections were now for sale in the fish market. We have tasted shark meat in the past and found it to be quite good but we bypassed on this, and also on the tuna eye!

You lookin' at me?

Today was to be a new experience for Jordan as he had agreed to teach the students of Maga's art class the concept of 3-dimensional art. (Maga had been our tour guide when we first arrived in Banda Naira.) We brought along a bunch of paper which was quickly grabbed up and there were plenty of coloured pencils in supply. The students seemed to enjoy Teacher Jordan and his new concept that he aptly explained and displayed. The concept of 3-D was also new to Maga and Jordan had everyone's attention. Many of the students caught on and produced excellent results despite no desks.

Art class

Class ended after a couple of hours when Maga asked if we wished to take a walk with him as he showed us around some more. We walked a long way out of town, up towards the airstrip, where his family has land with coconut trees; a worker shimmied up and tossed down several, some of which we drank, and some of which we took back to Sea Turtle for later consumption.

The airstrip, when no planes were around, was used for various Sunday activities such as football (soccer) or as a raceway by local motorcyclists. We watched in the heat of the day as several competed, with the winner cashing in on the pot of Rupiahs (each racer placed the equivalent to $0.25 Cdn in the pot).

We once again met Joel and his friend Anna for dinner at the Mutiara Guest House where the buffet food was delicious. We are really enjoying Indonesian food and finding most of it to be not too spicy. The prices are also super inexpensive!

(Abba, Mutiara's owner, presented both Anna and me with 1 of his nutmeg shaped broaches made of pearl shell. What a beautiful and appreciated memento!)

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