Thursday, October 17, 2013

Touring Tual waterfront

One afternoon, we jumped in the dinghy and did a waterfront tour of Tual.

Waterfront in America is premium and it's where the rich build their mansions with shore edge gazebos and docks for their yachts. But in Indonesia, it seems the opposite. Here is where the shanties and derelicts reside. The bay is their garbage dump, their bathtub - and for many - their highway for their boats, and it has nothing to do with prestige or luxury. We'll let these pictures tell the story:

In need of some maintenance

It's a long way down

Busy fuel dock

Waterfront condos

Taking a bath

On the outskirts of town

On his way home

The kids are the ones who find joy in their life on the water's edge.

Always big smiles for the camera!

With thanks to the locals, we had an entertaining self-tour of the Indonesian waterfront!

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