Monday, October 14, 2013

A bevy of boys

Now in Tual Indonesia, the Quarantine official arrived and cleared us as promised by our agent's helper. We lowered our yellow flag and could now go ashore when desired. Our helper happily stated You are lucky. One day check in! and he was now on his way to deal with Customs, Immigration, and the Harbour Master.

We soon had visitors, totally UNofficial. A canoeful of 6 young boys wearing shorts or bathing trunks knocked on Sea Turtle's side. Their rambunctious greeting included virtually no English other than the soon to become so familiar Hey Mister. Slowly, 1 by 1, they came aboard and wandered around checking things out and were so taken with the binoculars. As usual, they all wanted pictures taken, well, except for 1. He was naked and a little shy with me being present. He was getting to the age where we figured he should probably have something on around people, especially females. He was thrilled when Jordan gave him a pair of shorts and a stringed belt.

Hey Mister!

Next an old man paddled up to Sea Turtle in his blue and red hollowed out canoe with a green paddle. Sporting a goatee and mustache, shorts and a faded denim shirt, he was wearing a pointed home-made plastic hat overtop of his baseball cap. He smiled at us with his weathered face and simply stood in his canoe as he held to the side of Sea Turtle. He spoke no English. After many minutes, he handed a fish to 1 of the young boys aboard and then paddled off, still smiling.

The simple life

Finally Jordan decided the 6 boys needed some excitement and as an excuse to have them on their way, he offered them a ride in the dinghy, 2 at a time. They jumped at the opportunity. Jordan sped off, circling around and never slowing down as they hooted and hollered and were delivered ashore.

After the boys left, we went over to Veedon Fleece once again for a nightcap and met 2 other boats that had just arrived at the anchorage, friends of Veedon Fleece. Azzan and Relapse also offered us tidbits of information of Indonesia as they too were on their way back to Australia and New Zealand after spending their time in Indonesia and beyond. We were the only ones that had just arrived and were continuing west.

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