Saturday, October 01, 2011

San Clemente

On a beautiful day, we decided to take a respite from boat jobs and take Ruby, our iron pony (motorcycle), out for a run. Jordan found a road that led down to the beach, and as the sand was firmly packed, we opened the throttle and blasted along the beach. We ended up going for miles enjoying the scenery with the cliffs on our left, emerald green sea with its crashing surf on our right, and flecks of skittering little crabs making haste to their protective sand holes.

We finally came upon the tiny village of San Clemente (Ecuador) that had a country road flanking behind it. The incoming tide prohibited us from making the return trip back up the beach, so we used the winding road to go all the way back to Puerto Amistad at Bahía de Caráquez, about 28 km away.

The beach ride had been so much more enjoyable and scenic than the highway ride.

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