Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 13: On to Cuenca

Indigenous dress

We left Alausí Ecuador under sunny skies and high hopes for a nice riding day. When we stopped for lunch in Biblián at a local's spot, we had the best tasting homemade soup ever, with large chunks of fish and veggies for about $1.50 each.

The hills were speckled with homes as we got closer to Cuenca amongst the quilted patches of cultivated land. Upon arrival, we discovered a large colonial city and finally found a hotel in the "old town" section that had secure parking for Ruby. It was much more than we typically pay ($93!) but when they lowered the price to $63, we decided to treat ourselves. It was a very beautiful old hotel (Hotel Victoria) and room. It even had a bathtub so we had a long hot relaxing bath - something we haven't done in a couple of years!

Cuenca Old Town central plaza

We added another 163 km to our distance log today.

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Kyra and Rick said...

I loved Cuenca!! It's such a pretty city... Are you going to Vilcabamba - the valley of youth... lovely too!