Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 6: Salento sortie

It had been recommended that we check out a not too distant town called Salento, so with cloudy skies and rain gear, we headed out from Jorge's finca. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving, it started to pour earlier than usual. It's the rainy season. Salento is off the main highway connected by a picturesque winding drive down a valley and back up the other side. The little town is perched on a ridge with views to the distant green rolling hills. But it was a quiet, relaxed, cool little town with its colonial style - but different from typical colonial towns in that many of its structures were a wood-framed type of architecture.

We stopped for coffee that was made using this coffee machine that's over 100 years old...

Because of the rain, we were not able to continue on to the hot springs with a waterfall that we had been told about and had really been looking forward to swimming there.

Back at the farm, we dried our clothes over the oven that was cooking macadamia nuts. We had been wearing rain gear but I guess travelling 80 to 90 km per hour in the pouring rain...

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