Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 7: Headin' south

We left Jorge's finca in Colombia today under cloudy skies as we had decided it was time to start heading south and for hopefully less rain. Unfortunately, the weather never co-operated for us to swim in the backyard pool and we never worked up enough nerve to ride Jorge's beautiful horse.

On our way to Popayán, we passed by a couple of flooded fields. We also saw news reports of landslides and closed roads. Apparently October had 16 days of record rainfalls and we were leaving just in time!

We enjoyed a dry ride but it started to rain just after our arrival once again in Popayán Colombia. On our way through Popayán the first time, we missed the best part of it. This time, meandering the streets for a nice hotel, we came to Old Town, a quaint colonial section. Here we checked into Hotel Colonial and then did an evening stroll and fine dined at an Italian restaurant in the town's charming atmosphere.

Purchasing alcohol is a little different than in Canada. Here, it is behind locked gates. From outside, you pay through the locked gate and then they pass the alcohol through to you on the street. No wandering around looking at bottles and prices...

We covered 307 km today.

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