Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 9: Full charge

Jordan at bow with breeze blowing

We're both amazed at how fully charged our batteries have kept with our two 80-watt solar panels and our Sea Breeze wind generator. We hardly ever had the motor running as we were sailing the majority of the time. We charged the iPod, camera, and computer batteries all in 1 day and the house batteries were still fully charged. We originally debated the necessity of having a wind generator but Sea Breeze has definitely proven its worth many times over.

We've finally reached the 00 latitudes (00°58) on the GPS - only 58 nautical miles more till we reach the equator!

Sea Turtle has been starting to complain lately (a ship is said to do this when she is creaking). Now she sounds like a real mariner.

Sailing and tacking, sailing and tacking...

Handling the sheets

Today's position around midnight: N00°22'20" W080°16'90"

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