Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Day 4: AP dead

We had horrendous rain today. A real downpour. Storm cells were everywhere and we were both soaked but not cold. It was raining so hard that Jordan filled 1 of our water tanks in only 10 minutes!

Our autopilot no longer works sporadically - it doesn't work at all, dead. I want to throw it overboard. Still a long way to go to Ecuador so it's going to be a lot of constant hand-steering, night and day, which gets very tiring.

We took advantage of the favourable westerlies what were blowing today and made good time sailing. As we get further south, it will be harder for us to gain the needed west direction due to ocean currents and wind direction.

Today's position around midnight: N03°59'14" W078°08'80"

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