Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 6: Alarm

We tacked to the west shortly after midnight as the winds were now taking us close to land. Sea Turtle is now under balanced sails, giving us a break from steering. It's been great to not have to hand-steer - who needs an autopilot!

We are now starting to use our lee cloths as we heel quite a bit and do not want to end up on the floor while sleeping.

The bilge pump alarm blared at 03:00 in the morning - what a scary sound for 2 reasons: (1) it is very very loud, especially when sound asleep, and (2) does it signify a major leak? It turned out to be a slow leak in the brand new seawater pump that we will have to keep an eye on until we get to port.

Jordan saw a large shark about 100 meters off that jumped straight out of the water and into the air!

We tacked once again at 14:00, heading more southerly now. Time seems to go by quickly and the days are running together...

Today's position around midnight as indicated in our map link to the right: N02°29'00" W079°07'30"

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