Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 8: Stay...

We tacked at 23:45 last night with abating winds, and an hour later there was no wind at all. So we continued in a westerly direction under motor power and hand-steering.

As I tried to nap, I could hear Jordan at the helm merrily singing along to his iPod...stay, just a little bit longer...oh won't you stay just a little bit longer...please please please say you will...

At daybreak 5 hours later, sails were hoisted under gusty winds and we were able to maintain our desired westerly direction.

The slide-in to our entry hatch fell from where it was lying on the cockpit seat and down onto the galley floor, splitting it apart. So we now have no closure at the entry way. Hope it doesn't rain!! We will get it repaired as soon as we arrive at Bahia de Caraquez.

Sightings today: 1 breaching whale, 1 flying fish on deck, 1 fishing panga about 60 km from shore. What's amazing about that is with the strong offshore winds, if their motor packed it in, they wouldn't stop drifting for possibly 800 km. I'm sure it happens as these guys go way way out there for their catch.

Headed further offshore on this tack to round the NW prominent Ecuadorian point (Punta Galera). Then 4 hours later, tacked back again with a full moon thinly veiled under a skirting of clouds. Temperatures are getting mildly cooler in the evenings.

Our location around midnight (which for some unknown reason did not post on our map, as also happened on Day 1): N01°16'20" W080°08'05"

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