Saturday, April 02, 2011

So much to do

On Wednesday, March 30th, we dinghied with Bill of SV Mita Kuuluu (Bill is one of the El Salvador Rally organizers) up the estuary to a very tiny village, San Luis la Herradura (N13°20.660' W88°56.795') where the women also wear fancy aprons...

Very proud fish vendor showing off her apron at the market

We wanted to buy a bit more fresh produce from the market. Unfortunately, what we purchased wasn't very fresh but it was well worth the dinghy ride to experience the village and the dockside restaurant where we had their "pupusas", a delicious treat similar to a tortilla but thicker and stickier and sometimes stuffed with cheese, beans, and/or meat. They served ours with a pickled cabbage topping and it was yummy.

Tuk tuks and other vehicles outside of bustling market 

The same evening, we dinghied across the bay to Jan's home, a volunteer school teacher, who was having a BBQ where all the proceeds raised would go towards the school where she teaches English. While there, we saw her newborn puppies that were just opening their eyes and were sooo cute and giant lemons from her garden!

Jan with 1 of her home-grown lemons

The next morning, we walked across to the open ocean beach with its crashing waves, then along the beach towards another tiny village called La Puntilla. From the hotel grounds to the ocean, the sand was SO hot you couldn't walk in bare feet and we even felt it with flip-flops on. The sand would find its way under your toes and burn. We walked very fast to get closer to the water where the wet sand was not hot. We eventually reached La Puntilla and the restaurant on stilts where we had a succulent meal of huge garlic prawns, rice, and veggies for $5.

1 of many ocean restaurants...

Later in the evening, there were appies by the pool for all of us for a pittance of a price. There is something happening, it seems, almost every day and/or evening. No chance of getting bored around here!

On April 1st, we left the docks and anchored a very short distance away. Unlike some of our previous anchorages, here there are no rough dinghy rides from Sea Turtle to the dock as the water is always so calm. Once again, later in the evening, there was a special meal provided called "paella", a rice dish originating in Spain that has become very popular. There are so many variations but this was loaded with seafood and was very delicious.

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