Wednesday, April 27, 2011

San Juan del Sur

After starting out with a good sail from Puesta del Sol yesterday, we continued to motor till 06:30 the next morning when once again we raised the sails - mainsail, headsail, and the Genoa.

For breakfast, we had crepes stuffed with mangoes, of course, after collecting so many, and with Jordan's coconut rum sauce they were delicious!

Around midday, Jordan simply announced "Sea Turtle, Sea Turtle" over the hailing channel #16 on the VHF radio and responding was Pam on SV Precious Metal out of Victoria BC. We had met her in ports north. She had just been down to Costa Rica and was heading back to Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. She was somewhere out there out of sight but we had a friendly chat.

We had an excellent sail until our destination when suddenly Jordan landed a Mahi Mahi. As soon as he landed it, he had a strike on the other trailing line! But this one managed to get away.

As I drew alongside an anchored cruise ship to veil the wind, Jordan lowered the still-standing mainsail. We dropped our anchor at San Juan del Sur (N11°15.386' W085°52.625') at 15:30, still in Nicaragua. This port is 22 miles north of Costa Rica and we had sailed more than half way from our last port of Puesta del Sol which was a great feeling.

After the sun set, we had a candlelit dinner in the cockpit with a bit of cool breeze blowing. The cabin temperature was 30°C (86°F). We reflected on a splendid day as we admired the surrounding lights.

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Ellen said...

Sounds like your having a great trip south. We are in La Paz Marina and are tied up beside an endurance from Victoria call Artic Willow. The owners are not onboard so we haven't met them. Maybe you know them?
Anyhow we are following your blog and enjoying it. Keep up the great work as we will follow in your footsteps.
Ellen and Ian