Monday, April 25, 2011

Sleepy check-in

With a 06:30 knock on the boat, Nicaraguan customs and immigration officials visited for the officialdom paperwork. And they had travelled 2 hours by bus from Corinto to get to Marina Puesta del Sol! After making coffee for everyone, the paperwork was completed in short order. They were kind enough to give us an "in-country" (national) Zarpe for Nicaragua to include our next stopover tomorrow at 1 more Nicaraguan port called San Juan del Sur, making our next check-out easier.

That done, and after a quick breakfast, out came the Hooka gear (compressor dive equipment) for the bottom cleaning of Sea Turtle. As suspected, it needed it. Actually the bottom wasn't really bad but the prop was covered in barnacles. This was because the boat sat at anchor in the estuary of Bahia del Sol for almost a month. A prop has to be completely smooth and any buildup drastically affects the aqua dynamic efficiency of it. This will make a noticeable difference in speed. Wow another 2 knots! Don't laugh, 2 extra knots means 48 extra nautical miles in a full day. The zincs also needed to be changed which Jordan did.

Wandering around the hotel tropical grounds, we saw a mango tree with thousands of ripe mangoes lying all over. So we will be getting our fill for the next week! We were competing with a 5-foot iguana while collecting them.

We walked the short distance to the beach area where the Marina/Hotel has another infinity pool to watch the sun set. This great pool had only 1 person in the water (taking shots of the setting sun) and not a soul anywhere else except 1 staff member.

Setting sun with a bit of cloud cover

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