Saturday, April 23, 2011

Overdue departure

With Zarpe (exit permit) in hand, we were ready to cross the bar this morning. As the 3rd of 3 boats, we watched from about 800 m back as 57' SV Perfect Wave was going up and over the crashing breaking waves of the surf with instructions from the pilot boat (a sea-doo) over the VHF radio.

The sea-doo was next going to take out the 2nd larger boat, SV Lisa Kay, and hailed us saying that the waves were too big for little Sea Turtle and asked us to go back to the Marina. Jordan responded saying it looked like a gap in the breakers more to the east that he had been watching and suggested we take that exit. The pilot sea-doo agreed and diverted SV Lisa Kay to the east exit and then ushered us there as well.

It was a significantly more benign crossing than Perfect Wave had. The pilot boat expressed thanks for visiting El Salvador and we raised the sails under a stiff breeze and were off with mixed feelings of sadness to leave and happiness to be on our way. Check out the El Salvador Rally link on the right and be sure not to bypass this great port!!

Exciting bar ride

We were able to sail for a bit, but as the winds grew to over 20 knots building confused seas and the clouds got darker, we lowered the sails. The wind was "on the nose" and it then rained a bit and after awhile, everything calmed down - too calm - no wind and smooth seas. Motoring again. But it was a great day to be out as with the cloud cover it wasn't stifling hot and we did not have to hide from burning rays of the sun.

Measuring the strength of the wind

With 2 fishing lines trailing, Jordan caught a nice sized spotted Sierra that will give us 3 good meals.

Once again at sunset, we got a visitor, a tiny beautiful sparrow. After circling the boat and several indecisive landings, he finally took up roost on our thin metal lifeline just below a sheet (a rope to a sail) once it became dark. Throughout our night-watch checks, we would take a non-disturbing peek at him.

During the night, again the winds really picked up and again, right "on the nose". We were, at times, only making 1.5 knots headway. Jordan suspected dirty bottom and prop, a counter current, and of course with each bash into a deep wave the boat comes to almost a halt. Frustrating! At least the clouds cleared during the evening as we could later see all the dazzling stars.

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White Shell II said...

Hey There!!! Just catching up to you both... sounds like you are having ALL THE FUN! We do look forward to our return but must say it is well here.
We will continue to follow you via your blog and continue to pray for your safe travels.

Lue and Claes in Canada