Saturday, September 03, 2016

Return to Sea Turtle

After being away from the boat for exactly 1 month on our motorcycle trip through Cambodia and South Vietnam, we returned on August 23rd to Sea Turtle where she had been patiently waiting in Chalong Bay of Phuket Island (Thailand). Being on the hook there since June 16th, it required a dive to clean the prop and bottom. Pulling anchors (we had set 2 while away) was a chore. They were not only well set but much of the chain was either muck or barnacles!

We were heading down to Telaga Harbour of Langkawi Island (just over the border in Malaysia) where a new motor for Sea Turtle awaited us.

We did an overnight sail arriving at Koh Adang September 2nd just as it started to rain. We dropped the hook in seclusion in the lea of the island at a quiet sandy beach for a short respite and swim and waited for the black clouds to pass (N06°34.134' E099°17.657').

That afternoon, we made the short 4-hour crossing to Langkawi in light to no wind but in an agitated sea, no doubt the remnants of bad weather south of us.

Jordan had ordered the new motor a few months ago from Beta Marine in the United Kingdom to be sent to Langkawi, a duty free port. Our plans are to pull the old oil-leaky Perkins out and do the new install and hang out there till November. Then back to Phuket for a month or so for some last preps and provisioning before making our long awaited departure of SE Asia and heading to the Mediterranean via the Red Sea.

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s/v Libertad said...

We loved the Mediterranean...hope you do too. But we chickened out about going by somalia and through the Red Sea, putting Libertad on a freighter (Phuket to Turkey). Please blog while you are enroute so we can keep track of you!

Virginia and Dennis