Monday, September 26, 2016

Continued journey

Any items on your bucket list to fulfill? One of Gramma Judy's (Jordan's mom) was to visit Africa. Of course Kruger National Park was a highlight but there was much more of South Africa to see as we continued travelling by car all around...

At the very south on a blustery day, we found a monument on the shore that showed we were at a junction where two great seas meet, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Off that point, we saw two large freighters on their journey just like so many ships that have passed here since long ago.

Meeting of the seas

Here the immense Agulhas Lighthouse serves as a safe beacon for sea-goers as it has for many decades. We climbed the flights of stairs to the top of the lighthouse tower for a quick peek at the amazing view in the strong oceanic breeze.

Agulhas Lighthouse

The Dutch have a long history in South Africa and we could see some of the white-washed architecture that reflected that heritage.

17th century architecture

As evening approached, so did the storms packing a gritty wind emphasized by bolts of lightning. We were trying to find a place to stay but the power was out and no street lights. Try to find a place in inky darkness in a large, strange city! We finally saw a big hotel with generator power to decided to stay in the City of Mthatha even though it was a bit expensive...too dark and tempestuous to scout around for another place.

A moody night

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