Sunday, September 25, 2016

More sights

As we continued on our road travel of South Africa, our next stop was about 70 km NW of Cape Town to !Khwa ttu (yes, that's spelled correctly, explained below). Here at this cultural center, we learned about the San people, original South Africans. Our tour started with the history and life of these people whose language included a clicking sound. If you saw the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, you know how they talk. Written English uses an exclamation mark for the click.

We were taken to a replica village by a tractor-trailer and a short walk where we were shown how the Sans interpreted footprint and markings in the earth for tracking their fodder as well as how they make jewellery, clothing, fire, etc.

Lessons of a simple life

On the tour, we met a woman who said if we liked South Africa, we should definitely visit Namibia and her home country of Botswana. Hmmm, plans for the future?

Proud of her heritage

From one main highway to another, Bruce suggested we take an intrepid shortcut through Bain's Kloof Pass. The 18 km narrow winding road was cut into and through rugged mountains with truly spectacular scenery.

Approaching the Pass

Scary overhang

Occasionally we would pass by a township where the poor were crammed together and made their home. They varied from pitifully decrepit to new government-built simple abodes. In any case, the distinct density promoted an appearance of segregation.

One of the nicer townships

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