Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Return to Poipet

Official permit in hand from Phnom Penh (Cambodia), we grabbed a minivan for the 8-hour ride back to pick up our motorcycle at the border where we had to leave it at Customs in Poipet (also Cambodia). We were hoping to simply hand in our Customs paperwork from Phnom Penh and be finished, thus giving our Thai-registered motorcycle the clearance to continue in and through Cambodia.

But no way, not quite yet! The Poipet Customs needed some time to do their due diligence, but after a couple of hours, we finally had our clearance. While waiting for the return of our file, we checked into a room at a hotel casino, even though we are not gamblers, as it was late in the day and we could not leave until morning.

FYI: Poipet is a well-known gambling town with many casinos. Busloads of people arrive from Thailand to partake in the activities as gambling is illegal in Thailand.

Definitely not Vegas

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