Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to Cambodia

We left Ho Chi Ming City (South Vietnam) on a bus back to the border crossing of Vietnam and Cambodia. Our motorcycle was waiting for us at the Cambodian hotel where we had left it as we were not allowed to bring it into Vietnam. Our direction would now take us back through Phnom Penh towards Thailand, taking in the sites of rural life.

Throughout southeast Asia, we had noticed large urns alongside homes that were used to collect rainwater and wondered how they were made. So when we saw a place making them, we stopped to see the process. The little family enterprise was eager to show us how they formed the concrete into smooth, finished round shapes.

Urns for sale


Family members and helpers were also spotted all working in rice paddies.

Minute Rice?

We also came across an unusual sign...not one to be seen in too many countries!

Houses built on stilts on the swollen river - we stopped on the bridge to take a gander.

As it was getting late one evening, we stayed at Koh Kong, near the border of Thailand. The next morning, we found it very difficult to clear OUT of Cambodia. Again it was the issue of our foreign motorcycle and Customs officials. Hand-pushed carts fully loaded were all abustle, passing from one country to another.

Low-tech import

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