Friday, August 05, 2016

More ruins

Continuing further east on our motorcycle in the hilly terrain just below the Laos border in Cambodia, we were looking for a UNESCO World Heritage ancient temple site called Preah Vihear (meaning The Temple in the Sky).

Arriving at the park entrance, the official warned us of the steep road and suggested we take their 4x4 shuttle, but we confidently declined and continued up the long road. The last part was indeed steep and it was all our loaded Honda could do in low gear to get us up to the top.

The site, more than 1,000 years old, consists of 5 pavillions and 4 courtyards that stretch more than 800 metres on a gradual incline culminating on the edge of the plateau's cliffs affording distant vista over the flatlands in the distance to the south.

Just a fraction of the site

Coming through

The kingdom laid out below

Finished with ruins for the day, we headed south to Siem Reap making it a long and full day of riding. We had a delicious supper of French baguette with cheese, Vietnam spring rolls with shrimp, and wine. For dessert, we had purchased earlier from locals on the side of the road barbecuing something in bamboo - sticky rice with mango stuffed inside. Very different and delicious, another first!


SV Passat II said...

Enjoyed get utd with your travels!

We left the boat in Saville, Spain and are now back in BC! We now have Gradchild #2!

Looking forward to seeing you in the Med next year.

Barrie and Sandra

Turtle Mail said...

Congratulations on the newest member of the family! We are slowly getting updated with our travels but are very busy so a bit behind, but working on it...see you in the Med! Judy & Jordan