Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Leaving Singtam, we were off to Yuksom (India). Again was the profusion of waterfalls, bridges, and scenery that defied description and photos couldn't do justice.

One vehicle at a time please

A long way down for this car

A further familiar sight was the multitude of roadside Poinsettia that grew with gusto - nothing like the tiny plants back home in Canada.

And it's not even Christmas

One more convergence of the carmine kind was our happening upon a troop of red-faced monkeys along the roadside but they were too timid to stay still enough for a photo. Throughout our travels, we had also seen several regular cute monkeys running freely about, and at one point, we watched as they teased the dogs trying to get close. But of course, the monkeys were much faster!

As you could expect for a kindred scene were these friendly natured, long-haired, trodding bovids. Yaks prefer the colder temperatures, unlike me!

Yak, yak, yak

Yuksom, a very tiny remote village at road's end and up against the border of Nepal, is where all the trekkers head to make their assault on the craggy peaks. It has many hotels for such a tiny village - a very popular haunt for the brave tourist.

The village is devoid of urban normalities like ATMs, gas stations, and big fancy restaurants. Their "market" is a couple of tiny wooden huts with little to offer. The one large and ornately decorated building contained several giant Prayer Wheels. These large Prayer Wheels hold millions of mantras inside their structure. Upon entering the building and trying to spin one, I found it to be extremely heavy and very hard to turn!

Jordan dwarfed by large wheels

The day ended up drizzling and electrical power was in and out to add to the mood.

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